God's Will

This audiobook - God's Will - is a new revelation from God.
ISBN 978-9979-72-365-3

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Verse 1. You cannot die
You cannot die. Your soul is eternal; it's a chip of the old block.
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Verse 1. You cannot die
You cannot die. Your soul is eternal; it's a chip of the old block.
Verse 2. One Religion, one Faith
Do I have to tell the truth every time? Can I sometimes make a white lie or not?
Verse 3. Joy of life
God is about spiritual values, and life is about you finding out how you can use spiritual values.
Verse 4. Trust
God doesn't like death. He's not into it. There's no life in it. Not the killing sense that is.
Verse 5. Other prophets
I’m only instructed to tell you that there is no such thing as 'the one prophet'.
Verse 6. Science
All inventions are merely ways of putting together something God has already created.
Verse 7. A name
He’s not going to love you or hate you, based upon by which name you call him
Verse 8. Matrimony
Be concerned to use science and scientific methods to try to find out.
Verse 9. Spiritual person
It’s very easy for God to forgive because he has the power to do it.
Verse 10. The original sin
Not following the will of God is not a sin. It’s just a matter of choice.
Verse 11. Good and Evil
God is very interested in life – he created it. And he created life out of love and he created it joyfully.
Verse 12. Insight on Forgivness
God likes us and kindness and emotional freedom. He likes variety and creativity. Particularly he likes forgiveness.
Verse 13. Time and living
Because every tree is growing towards heaven. Towards God.
Verse 14. Balance and harmony
Any religion you find, any faith you find, any organized way of worship you find, it’s always concerned with the same principles.
Verse 15. Ways of seeing
Prophets are usually not concerned with intelligence or appearances. That’s what makes them different.
Verse 16. The ego and the I
I did not want to be a prophet! It has a bad job description.
Verse 17. Be Free
Rest assured that this war is a spiritual one and not so easily seen with open eyes, but it is observable.
Verse 18. Prayer
He has your spiritual wellbeing rated much higher than if your prayer for a new car or a new spouse gets answered.
Verse 19. Sex
Sex is simply just another way of communication between a person and another person.
Verse 20. Angels
Life is practically brimming, overflowing, with God’s servants.
Verse 21. Anger
Most of the torture of human beings is self made; most of it has to do with attitude. Most of it has to do with opinions.
Verse 22. Hate
When you think about things when being spiritually connected to yourself; all of these matters seem clear.
Verse 23. Faith
As kindness grows and goodness grows and as love grows, darkness of the evil will eventually become a mere shadow.
Verse 24. God's love
God understands the way your heart works and he understands the way your mind works
Verse 25. Concept of the Sin
Ego is the construct of the mind and the biological chemistry we call feelings.
Verse 26. End of the world
Loving kindness doesn’t like to control others. It doesn’t even suspect others of controlling.
Verse 27. Heaven and Hell
Therefore because of your fear you are letting go of your internal reasoning; your spiritual reasoning.
Verse 28. The Ego
Ego seeks only itself; it doesn’t create anything of everlasting nature.
Verse 29. Grief
And souls who love each other will always have a chance to meet again, it’s an eternal 'law of love.'
Verse 30. Simple, precise, detailed
God is not into complicated matters. He’s into simple matters.
Verse 31. Warrior
Every single being who stands up for what is right, what is true, what is just; is a warrior.
Verse 32. Eternal soul
Without the word of your name. With only the word 'I'. Look at the way you are!
Verse 33. Shadow
You can choose. Sometimes the choice takes time.
Verse 34. Rulers of the world
Every human being has the ability to understand spiritual values and make choices.
Verse 35. Power
Once you take power and you realize its power, you can make a choice.
Verse 36. The Ways of God
This is one of the secrets of spiritual knowledge, yet the simplest one.
Verse 37. Community
Which community would you like to live in?
Verse 38. Representing believe
Look at every branch of The Faith through this filter, and you will find the god of love.
Verse 39. Freedom and Consequences
You are free to live the life you where given.
Verse 40. Arguments
If you don’t have the courage to disagree with God, how do you think you can travel the rough road towards him?
Verse 41. Wishes and Harmony
A wish is a powerful and beautiful concept, and a motivator.
Verse 42. Miracles
When he sees two kindred spirits, that can join together, even if one of them is a human and the other one is a dog!
Verse 43. Supported by God
It is precisely because of my blessings that you are still in the fight! Open your eyes!
Verse 44. Children
It’s a beautiful act, and it can create a child when performed in the most common appearances.
Verse 45. Deceptions
Those who use deceptions and manipulations, and control, are not into loving kindness.
Verse 46. Humour
If he didn’t have these qualities he would probably not have created life.
Verse 47. Connect with God
Can you build a house which you cannot lift by yourself?
Verse 48. Explaining and being
When you meet your kindred spirit, you know it in the first second you see it in the eyes of one another.
Verse 49. Truth
Someone claiming to love someone and claiming to own that someone at the same time; needs re-adjustment of terms.
Verse 50. Secret of seeing
We prefer to do the good work where we can and not to cause up any kinds of confusion and quarrelling.
Verse 51. Children of God
Many of us simply exist, nothing more and nothing else. We’re all creatures of the one God.
Verse 52. The I
Evil is when that harmony is broken.
Verse 53. God's love
Your ability to love is a proof of his love.
Verse 54. Accepting God's will
God proved to him that if you know God’s will and you do not heed it, then you will be stuck.
Verse 55. Dreams, and Fighting evil
Every single spiritual being who is aware of God is a warrior. A warrior of light and joy and love.
Verse 56. Without sin
God is more interested in the nature of the spiritual than how it appears.
Verse 57. Fighting the Will of God
I have fought the will of God and I have had arguments with God.
Verse 58. Willpower
Willpower is the strength of your spirit to do what is unavoidable for you.
Verse 59. The Root of The Faith
To form a new religion is a needless enterprise because there is only One Faith.